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Phodyn » Web directories are just one element of SEO. What are the rest?

Alternative SEO elements

Websites exist for traffic. Irrespective of the purpose of your website, the fact that you have set it up and made it publicly viewable means the more people you have visiting your site, the more likely you are to meet your web site's objectives. Submitting to a web directory one or more links to your website is one way of driving up traffic to your website. But solely relying on a website directory to grow traffic is seldom effective nor sustainable. For a web directory to be of the most benefit to your website, it must be just one of several techniques for optimizing your pages to maximize on search-engine originated traffic.

So in addition to web directory submission, perform on-page optimization by incorporating relevant keywords to the pages on your website. As search engine bots routinely scan your website, they are on the lookout for frequently occurring words. This will then factor during search results where, all other factors constant, the website with a higher frequency of a keyword ranks higher than that with a
lower occurrence of the same keyword. But as you do that, guard against the temptation of going in the other extreme – keyword stuffing. Search engines will blacklist or push lower down the results pages any website that is perceived as stuffing keywords with no meaningful content.

Another vital tool is social media. Dubbed the Web 2.0 revolution, social media has transitioned from the preserve of teens and twenteens to catch up and exchange jokes, to a powerful tool for business and search engine optimization. Create a profile on the major social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and use them to connect with your web site's target audience. Do not be overly forward in presenting a link to your website. An indirect approach that combines offering tidbits of helpful information, participate in discussions and connecting with the right people, is far much more effective. Only make sure that a link to your website appears under your profile description.

Develop a thin website. Website loading speed in now a factor in Google search engine ranking with other search engine's set to follow suit sooner or later. The architecture of your website is one element that can slow down or speed up your website. Your choice of image type is also key. For instance, BMP images are usually much larger than the more compressed JPEG or GIF formats.