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Phodyn » When should one consider suggesting a new category in a web directory?

Suggesting New Categories

Before submitting your website to a wed directory, one of the most important things you must do is take time to research what category your website will best fit in. Getting the category right has a direct impact on the volume and relevance of traffic that ends up on your site via the directory.

While relevance is the single most important consideration, directories often have similar sub-categories that can make it difficult knowing just where your website would fit. For instance, if you run a company in the coffee business and want to list your website on a web directory, you may find a tea sub category under the categories of restaurants-coffee shops, business types-coffee importers and home cooking-coffee blends.

You will have to make a decision on just which category is most consistent with your company's objectives and also look for a sub-category that is not so crowded as to make it difficult for your directory entry to stand out.

Sometimes, you may be confronted by an even worse situation than having to choose between numerous sub-categories – and that is, the absence of a relevant category. It is then that you ought to consider suggesting to the directory's administrators and editors a new category that will resonate with your type of website. Some directories specifically allow users to suggest new categories while for others, users would have to use the comments section to make their suggestion.

Understandably, directory administrators and editors are cautious about the introduction of new categories. The reasons for this is the reluctance to create categories that will have very few entries or the concern that a new category is so similar to another category that it will only introduce confusion.

That being said, your best chance of getting your suggestion favorable considered is by forwarding a category that is consistent with existing categories. For instance, you may find that in some directories were entries are categorized by state, a sub-category such as 'domestic abuse shelter' may be present under Texas but be absent under Nevada which is where your domestic abuse shelter is located. In such circumstances, suggesting a new subcategory 'domestic abuse shelters' under Nevada would likely be quickly approved by the directory administrators and editors.